College Bible Study

Summer 2018

This is a Bible Study exclusively for College Youth and High School Graduates. You have already
experienced unique living, and you will see even more next fall. This summer let’s enjoy feeding from God’s Word together, being overtaken by God’s Love. We are disciples who want to make more disciples for Christ Jesus. This will be fun!

What Do You Need to Participate?

• One Hour Each Week (All meetings start at 3:30)
• Passion to Study God’s Word Together
• Willingness to Have Fun
• Bible
• Lawn Chair

Where Will We Meet?

• Different Locations (that’s why you need a lawn chair)
• Beach
• Pool
• On Boats
• People’s Homes
• Alhambra Hall
• Waterfront Park
• Marion Square
• Battery Park

Weekly Studies

• God Creates the Universe
• Paradise Lost
• Cane and Abel
• Noah and the Flood
• The Tower of Babel
• The Call of Abram
• God’s Covenant with Abram
• The Birth of Isaac
• The Call to Sacrifice Isaac
• A Bride for Isaac
• Jacob and Esau
• Jacob’s Wrestling with God
• Jacob’s Move to Egypt