Have you joined a group yet?

Have you joined a group yet?

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Throughout Scripture the Lord calls us to live out our faith in a community of believers. The Church is that Community, and we are convinced that our Small Groups provide an opportunity for the people of Eastbridge to grow in deeper relationships with one another as we Connect with Christ, Each Other, and Our Communities. It is our hope that you will prayerfully consider joining a small group at Eastbridge. Small Groups will be rooted in the Word, Prayer and Fellowship and our desire is that they will encourage you. Please email bill@eastbridge.org if you have any further questions.

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Community Groups

God created us to be in relationship with Him and each other. Community groups at Eastbridge serve to strengthen the community of Jesus Christ and transform individuals through studying the word of God, fellowshipping with other believers and praying. Can you imagine a dozen other Christians lifting your needs up to the Father and standing with you in life’s joys and challenges? It’s powerful. Our collective prayers are a sweet aroma to God and staying fixed in his Word continues to transform our lives to look more like Christ. What an opportunity.

 You’re invited to be part of any group of your choosing. You may already know Eastbridge members in a group and want to join them, although you may find richness in joining a group of people you would like to get to know. You may live in a particular area and can identify a group close to your home. The important thing is to become part of a group and allow yourself to be loved and to love, just as Christ loves you.

The date and times that groups meet is dependent on the desires of the group. While many groups meet on Sunday evenings others may have selected another day of the week. Please check to find a day and time that most suits you.

We believe our union with Christ and growth in the Gospel happens in the context of community – in our relationships with others.  fellowship, prayer and Bible 

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Call the church office at 843.849.6111 or email office@eastbridge.org for more information.