Lori Moore grew up in a Christian home, hearing the truths of the gospel, and praying to receive Christ as a young girl, but her faith did not become her own until she began reading the Bible for herself.  Opening her college graduation gift to the Book of John, she began to read, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and was God,” (1:1) Thinking this is deep stuff, she continued to read until she came to John 10:10 where Jesus says, “I have come that you might have life and have it to the full.  

So that’s why Jesus came!  To save from sin – yes – but for the purpose of giving life in all its fullness.  God answered Lori’s deepest questions of life to explain why looking to the world’s party often left her disappointed, unfulfilled and empty.  

From this place of newfound joy discovered in Christ, she gave her all through a variety of roles including teacher, wife, mother, and church lady.  But as the years of her youth began to wear away under a load of cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry, she began to wonder, “Lord, is this the full life you promised?”

Again the Lord answered by providing a community of women—from different ages, backgrounds, and seasons of life.  Seeking and discovering answers to their questions of life in the context of scripture and community, Lori found her place.  And she remained there many years.  

In this place, the Lord equipped her through His word among His people to launch her out into full-time ministry: in the Holy City—as a leader in Bible Study Fellowship and the local church and in the Hungering World—as a short-term missionary to Uganda and Kenya.  Sharing the gospel in a field called Barlonyo, Lori began to hear the call of God to proclaim Him and equip His people among the nations.

Just when God began clarifying His call on Lori’s life, He closed a few doors and called her home for a season. Disillusioned, frustrated, and a bit angry by the unfulfilled plans she thought God had for her life, the Lord gave her a place to be still before him. Going deep into His word, crying out to Him, praying the truths learned, then through a process of listening to His Spirit, letting go, and writing, she found her place in Him.  

In this sacred place with Him, God continues in patience to teach Lori through a variety of ways, seasons, and circumstances: Whenever she looks to anything else, even good things, she will always end up disappointed, but when she cries out to the Lord in dependence, He will use her disillusionment to turn her gaze back to Christ, who alone is the source of full life.

Lori with husband Jason – The Holy City from St. Michael’s Church Steeple

Lori with husband Jason – The Holy City from St. Michael’s Church Steeple