Joy Has Dawned Upon the World

Verse 1

Joy has dawned upon the world
Promised from creation
God's salvation now unfurled
Hope for ev'ry nation
Not with fanfares from above
Not with scenes of glory
But a humble gift of love
Jesus born of Mary

Verse 2

Sounds of wonder fill the sky
With the songs of angels
As the mighty Prince of Life
Shelters in a stable
Hands that set each star in place
Shaped the earth in darkness
Cling now to a mother's breast
Vulnerable and helpless

Verse 3

Shepherds bow before the Lamb
Gazing at the glory
Gifts of men from distant lands
Prophesy the story
Gold a King is born today
Incense God is with us
Myrrh His death will make a way
By His blood He'll win us

Verse 4

Son of Adam Son of heaven
Given as a ransom
Reconciling God and man
Christ our mighty Champion
What a Savior what a Friend
What a glorious mystery
Once a babe in Bethlehem
Now the Lord of history

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Who Is This, So Weak and Helpless

Who is this, so weak and helpless, 
Child of lowly Hebrew maid, 
Rudely in a stable sheltered, 
Coldly in a manger laid? 
'Tis the Lord of all creation, 
Who this wondrous path has trod; 
He is Lord from everlasting, 
And to everlasting God.

Who is this, a Man of Sorrows, 
Walking sadly life’s hard way, 
Homeless, weary, sighing, weeping
Over sin and Satan’s sway? 
'Tis our God, our glorious Savior, 
Who above the starry sky
Is for us a place preparing, 
Where no tear can dim the eye.

Who is this? Behold him shedding
Drops of blood upon the ground! 
Who is this, despised, rejected, 
Mocked, insulted, beaten, bound? 
'Tis our God, Who gifts and graces
On His church is pouring down; 
Who shall smite in holy vengeance
All His foes beneath His throne.

Who is this that hangs there dying
While the rude world scoffs and scorns, 
Numbered with the malefactors, 
Torn with nails, and crowned with thorns? 
'Tis our God Who lives forever
'Mid the shining ones on high, 
In the glorious golden city, 
Reigning everlastingly.

TEXT: William Walsham How
MUSIC: Christopher Miner

©1997 Christopher Miner Music